Printmaking Stay Open Inks by Hawthorn

This range of inks are suitable for all types of printmaking techniques. When relief printing some transparent ink should be added to reduce the strength of the inks. These inks will not skin in the pot for up to two years or more. All the Stay Open inks are lightfast 5 or above.


Ink Drying

All the inks will dry on printmakers paper quite quickly. What determines the speed of drying, is the absorbency of the paper. Some papers will be quicker than others. If the paper is glossy or non absorbent then a few drops of Hawthorn Standard Driers may be added to the ink you are using.


Cleaning the Inks

All our inks can be washed up with soap and water. First remove as much ink as possible with an ink knife or cloth. Then pour a little washing up liquid, onto the remaining ink and rub with a cloth. The inks, can also be cleaned with vegetable oil and soap. Alternatively, you could use Citri Wash or Lincoln Wash.


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